Today, true fans of all things funky and soulful can celebrate the release of Skratch Bastid’s newest long-awaited Soul Sisters Stand Up! mix, crafted alongside friend and fellow DJ The Gaff.
As the lifetime crate-digger and international DJ explains, Soul Sisters Stand Up! is “a mix featuring the sounds of female soul from the mid-60s & and mid-70s- a snapshot of love, pain, happiness, oppression, strength, struggle, and more from an era when records were the primary outlet for these voices. These messages are driven home by the beats and grooves from what is undeniably the funkiest decade in music history.”
As a true labor of love from both collaborators, he further explains:
“This mix is not a podcast, club set or playlist. We took our time to lay it out just the way we wanted to, in a way that we felt was creative and reflected our collective DJ style. Selection, mixing skills, presentation and replay value are all equally important. You’ll hear scratches, remixes, blends, juggles – but we still keep the music & continuity paramount.”
As for the approach to the theme of this mix, you’d be hard pressed to find anything that is more loyal to the genre. Every single moment on the mix comes from female recordings, right down to the drum breaks and interlude loops.
“We didn’t get too snobbish with the tracklisting, but it’s nothing to take lightly. There’s a lot of rare stuff on here, too. You will find a good balance between voices you recognize and great new ones.”
Check out Soul Sisters Stand Up!  below and you can download part 1 and 2 for free here.