MIXTAPE: AnimalStatus – Death By Stereo EP

To commemorate the 25th anniversary of their favorite vampire movie “The Lost Boys,” AnimalStatus (DJ Wonder + dB) has put together a 2 track EP called Death By Stereo – with original production from the duo.
Wonder’s track, also titled “Death By Stereo,” captures the transformation of the lead character Michael throughout the film – from the moment he drinks the wine (which he realizes later was actually the blood of the main vampire David) to the climactic fight between the two at the end of the movie. The track is a future-bass interpretation that gives the listener a feel of the intensity of the plot.

The inspiration for dB’s track “Nights At The Boardwalk” comes from the developing relationship between Michael and his love interest Star. The 80’s new wave/synth-heavy melody serves as a throwback to the time period and plays out in the same way that Michael is lovestruck… From the moment he first sees Star at a festival on the boardwalk – to becoming her only hope of being saved from transforming into a full vampire.
The EP is accompanied by the Death By Stereo Party at Happy Ending happening tonight in NYC. You can RSVP for Death By Stereo and receive an exclusive download of the EP here.