LIVE: THEESatisfaction & lowercase letters, Black Cat

Photos: Broady Brown/Nocturnal Charm

The scene was mean, an eclectic mix of people crammed into the backstage (aka smaller room) of the Black Cat, everyone there had the same mission. To have a good time and check out lowercase letters & THEESatisfaction. Opening the show was lowercase letters, a Washington DC based group –who you will be hearing lots from kicked off the show, lead vocalist Alphie Starr’s voice is deep, smokey and extremely sultry. I remember hearing them cover AC/DC’s “Dirty Deeds”, and LOVED it (trust me I don’t LOVE

THEESatisfaction are a breath of realness, they possess positive energy –for real. As you might or might not know, Stas and Cat write, produce their own material, which they call “funk-psychedelic feminist sci-fi epics” –they’re right its exactly that. They are touring in support of awE naturalE, which was released earlier this year. And it’s safe to say that everyone at the this show left satisfied.