INTERVIEW: Cream Dream x Summer Soul Sessions (July Edition)

Earlier this week, I connected with up and coming house and disco producer, Cream Dream.  Since releasing the Paradiso EP, his debut project, Cream Dream has associated his work with everyone from Champagne records to Mishka where he just dropped his latest work “Love Letter”.  Check out what he had to say about his sound, his inspiration for the new project, as well as what he’s done to make sure the world knows about his love letter to the everyone all over.
To start things off, your latest project, “Love Letter” was a pretty fulfilling album complete with lots of mood setting music. It’s also twice as long as your Paradiso EP. Can you can explain the differences between the two for you personally?

Cream Dream: Paradiso EP and Love Letter are two milestones in my career thus far as Cream Dream. Paradiso was the very first release I had put out and was a big step for me production wise. At that point I was really happy with my level of sound and decided to finally release my material to the public. Love Letter came out just about a year later from that and has been my biggest accomplishment to date production wise. I had never worked on a project that big, started in October 2011, and the things I learned making that album are invaluable. Love Letter collected all the knowledge I had gained from making Paradiso and Total Babe and pushed that even further by really trying to get as close to the disco sound that I love.

In an older interview of yours, you briefly spoke about how you began DeeJaying at 15. What’d you spin primarily then? Did you feel like you might’ve had more of an advantage or disadvantage entering the producer world with your background?

I was spinning a lot of the stuff that the mainstream is really into now, stuff I’d rather not name now haha. It was more of a hobby for me at the time and I wasn’t really taking it seriously like I am now. In terms of production it definitely helped open my eyes to new sounds and production techniques that I could apply to the music I wanted to make. It wasn’t until I got to college that I really started making my own music though.

With new artists always coming and going in the blink of an eye, what would you say sets Cream Dream apart from others?

I try not to follow any popular trends that people are hopping on left and right. I rather just try focusing on making the music I want to make, regardless if its getting huge support or a lot of press. Its worked well for me thus far!


Overall you’ve had a very warm reception to the sound you’re establishing considering that you’ve been able to link up with Champagne Records, Movierecords, and Mishka. How have you decided to navigate this labyrinth that is the music industry? What have you learned so far from the journey?

Soundcloud is a really amazing tool for linking with artists and labels. Most of the time I have people reaching out to me for music, I’ve tried sending demos and stuff out before but haven’t had the best response to that yet. So far I’ve learned that its easy to make something that everyone will go crazy for but its far harder to make something that pushes the limit and has soul… Also that there is no need to rush your sound, let it develop as you do.

Love Letter is definitely a mood setter. What was your approach to making it? Did you have any particular environment or group of people in mind during the process?

My first step to making Love Letter was to make a large number of tracks that fit the disco mood and place I was looking for; smooth, sexy and romantic, music that you could listen to on the beach or at the club at night. After I had about 20 tracks or so I went through them and took out the ones that didn’t work with the rest until I was down to what you hear now. The process of “curating” the songs was without a doubt the most difficult part. It is not only a “Love Letter” to disco but also to my Dad, Mom, Sister, Pug, Girlfriend and everyone else who has supported me in my endeavors!

We’re excited to have you alongside Danika, XXYYXX, and So Super Sam. What can we expect from Cream Dream on Sat.?

You can expect classic disco, house, some new tracks of mine, also some rap and booty bass stuff for good measure. Im very excited!!

Lastly, do you have any upcoming remixes, events, or collabs that we should know about?

Im doing some shows in the city in the next couple months, also working on compiling new material for EPs as well as working on my side project Club Fun’s debut EP!

Be sure to download Love Letter here.  Also, stay in the know when it comes to Cream Dream’s future whereabouts, projects, remixes, and live events via Facebook, Soundcloud, and Twitter