FOOD: The Grey Dog

We all need that place.  That place where you just go to eat or drink when you think of it off the top of your head, some place that will make everyone happy.  That place you can go that will work for practically any situation.  Visitors coming in for brunch?  Friends want to grab a cup of coffee?  Work meeting with someone I’ve never met?  For me, The Grey Dog is my staple for everything.

There are multiple Grey Dog locations throughout downtown Manhattan (University Place, Mulberry Street) but the Chelsea one is ideal for me because of its atmosphere, spaciousness…and because I live around the corner.  There is definitely a hipster vibe here with the rustic decor and the ridiculously cute workers whose wardrobes I would love to steal (both girls’ and guys’).  The place gets crazy full around lunchtime, especially on the weekends, so I would advise skipping their strange seating procedure and coming during off hours, so you can stretch out and linger.

The menu appeals to everyone (they have gluten-free bread!) and is composed of super uncomplicated food that mostly consists of sandwiches and salads, but also includes comfort foods such as PB&J and mac & cheese.  And, as if Grey Dog couldn’t get any more adorable, they refer to their side salads as “cute” salads.

On this particular trip (one of many I’ve made) we had a turkey club sandwich on whole wheat bread ($9.75, with melted swiss, bacon, lettuce, plum tomato, honey mustard, and mayo) and my idea of the perfect plate of nachos ($9.75).  I won’t say no to any plate of nachos, but rather than the pile ‘em up kind, Grey Dog’s are spread out in a single layer so that each individual chip has an equal amount of melted cheddar and monterey jack, onions, black beans, and jalapeños.  None of that depressing “dry chip syndrome” when you get to the end of the nachos and there’s no fun stuff left, or the opposite, “wet chip syndrome” where the chips are all soggy (yes, I made those terms up).

Best of all… they have drinks.  They’ve got the usual raspberry tea (my choice, all the time) and iced latte, but they have drinks drinks, like beer on tap, and sangria, and even better… they have happy hour!  Grey Dog doesn’t leave non-humans out either, providing treats for furry friends.

If you’re looking for a no-frills, simple place to eat, drink, or relax… Grey Dog.  Seriously.  Grey Dog.

The Grey Dog – Chelsea
242 West 16th Street
New York, NY 10011