FASHION: Le Specs Summer 2012


Le Specs are quickly revolutionizing the conventional look of sunglasses. That’s what caught my attention. The Muffin Top shades (below) were the first pair of  Le Specs I came across. Happened to see a friend rocking them and later on that day I came across the same Muffin Tops on my way home and took it as a sign to see what this Le Specs brand was about.












Le Specs originated in 1979 in The Land Down Under (its called that because it’s the only continent, with a constant population, thats fully below the Equator) and continued with its “Euro Chic” look through the 1980s before going on a 20 year hiatus and coming back in 2006 sexier and more classy than ever. You can chronicle their comeback here.











For the Summer 2012 line they teamed up with Fashion Personality, Henry Holland, who welcomed the collaboration with open arms saying he really liked Le Specs “..irreverent and cheeky philosophy”

This is their Summer 2012 lineup…