FASHION: Agenda Trade Show NYC


On Monday the 16th and Tuesday the 17th, the Agenda Trade Show hit NYC. Agenda Trade Show  is a forum where both up and coming as well as already establish streetwear brands come together to display products for the upcoming seasons, with this show focusing mostly on the Fall/Winter 2012 season. Agenda also hosts the opportunity for some brands to impress and attain big company buyers.

Making the rounds at Agenda, we got to chop it up with the PR folks, owners and interns of well known companies like Supra, Rocksmith, Stussy along with brand new companies like Toy Oil and Radii.









“You have to be hungry, not take time off when presenting your product to potential buyers because if you’re not interested in your product, why should they be?” says Omar Rajput, graphic designer for Stussy, The Hundreds and Us Versus Them. Omar, who made it to NYC from the West for the first time this week goes on to say “We’ve all been here since before 9am, but when someone sits in that chair in front of you, its the most important job interview ever, you have to sell it.” After watching Stussy’s PR rep go to work , we walked around checking out different booths as they made their points and showcased their brand.


Rocksmith had their whole team out on Monday, even giving out a party bag with some real world essentials.


Artists scattered working on their own pieces of art throughout the day added something extra to the show. Pic is reminiscent of our last Summer Soul Sessions. Come out for the July Edition on July 28 (sameless plug).


Agenda keeps it trucking to Long Beach on August 1st and 2nd then on to Tokyo on the 22nd and 23rd of August. Learn more here .