EVENT: NYC Restaurant Week, Summer ’12

It’s here again – NYC Restaurant Week!  More like Restaurant Month, really (it runs from July 16-August 10, excluding Saturdays, Sundays vary by restaurant), a ton of the city’s most highly regarded restaurants are offering three course, prix-fixe menus for a great deal.  Lunch runs at $24.07 and dinner is $35, excluding tax, tip, and beverages.  This deal is amazing if you pick the right spot, and you get the chance to sample some amazing food that might normally break your bank.  This time around we sampled cuisine from Colicchio & Sons Taproom, which in my opinion was the best Restaurant Week meal I’ve had (beating out Brasserie and Marble Lane).  Check out the shots below to see what you could get for under 25 bucks a person for lunch, then go out and get your own!

This absolutely delicious meal consisted of, in order: chilled corn soup, sweet sugar snap peas, roasted hanger steak with potato puree and kale, duck confit with mushrooms and farro (amazing), blueberry sherbet & nectarine sorbet, and cream cheese panna cotta with blackberries and honey graham cracker ice cream.

If you miss this year’s Restaurant Week, don’t worry – it occurs multiple times a year, and the list of restaurants continues to grow.  Head over to NYC Go to check out the list of restaurants, their menus, and to make a reservation.  Happy eating!