STYLE: FAKE x Supreme – “Sue Me” Tee

I don’t know much about Montreal brand FAKE, other than the fact that it seems to take some great liberties in ripping off other people’s logos. No I know that streetwear brands (or even a Chinatown knockoff) ripping off a brand name logo has been happening since the dawn of time, but FAKE does it with such a hipster tongue and cheekness that they stand out.

Their latest creation is to take on the ubiquitous skateboard brand Supreme. Their SUE ME shirt is actually pretty ingenius, and is a good way to stick it to all of your friends who still rock the box logo tee. And they get bonus points for the faux Terry Richardson-esque photo shoot. Having that said, Supreme is not too kind to those who jank their logo (remember Shortypop) so I wanna cop this tee when I head to Montreal next week and pray that these guys have a good lawyer.