PHOTO INTERVIEW: Breakfast with…Lance Wiggs

Breakfast with Lance Wiggs  (Visual Graphic Artist & Author)

When I first met this young cat he was creating art with a dope art group called AM Radio creating in a show they did called Liquid Soul (ill show!). I soon became a fan and a friend from conversations we had and the fact he was a futbol (soccer) enthuasist (like myself…UEFA is on!! lol) and a former player for  Syracuse University.  I’ve also learned that he is an author of a children’s book called Frog’s Surprise published by Tate Publishing which happens to be one of my daughter’s recent reads…So we FINALLY caught up with one another and not to my surprise he was doing more??  HUH?!?  yeah thats what I said! We met at The Hamilton in Washington, DC to talk his most recent ventures and accomplishments from his signing with Phase One Music Group , online artshow, writing music etc…again do what we do here and grab that favorite morning vice and enjoi the photo interview….

Some of his most recent art work is found at his online artshow PPI. He is also in the running for East of the River Distinguished Artist Award taking place in Washington, DC his hometown…Whew! lol…Look for a lot more from this cat cause he refuses to let anyone tell him what he can and can’t do.

You can find more of his work and what’s new with him at the above links as well as visit and follow him @LATYMEZ

“its fascinating to me how a conversation with someone can influence our day – Good or Bad”