NEW MUSIC: MIA – Bad Girls [Switch Remix] ft. Missy Elliot & Rye Rye


The dynamic duo Mad Decent affiliates, Rye Rye and MIA, have combined their powers once again, but this time they not only reeled in Missy Elliot but one half of Major Lazer  as well with Switch.

With all of these artists having garnered a reputation for their genre bending and blending work, it’s no surprise that this song has heavy roots in the B-More Club scene while infusing a bhangra-esque feel.  While MIA and Rye Rye do anything but disappoint, Missy Elliot is right at home in the pocket of this neck breaker conjured up by Switch is eerily reminiscent of Timbaland if he had two Four Lokos in the studio. If you want to turn heads and test the limits of your sound system this summer, play this and insanely high volume.


Look out for the Bad Girls Remixes on July 3rd on iTunes and if you’re really feeling like a million bucks then why not cop the OG (over gold) USB necklace.