LIVE: Alabama Shakes at Central Park Summerstage

I had no idea that Alabama Shakes had such a following. I heard about their showcase at SXSW and the amount people waiting to get into the small venue. I had to find out more about them! I started listening to their EP which was flawless and immediately downloaded their full album when it was released this past April. I wasn’t the only one who did this. Alabama Shakes soon had a raging fan base that contributed to the band to close the first night of the 2012 Bonnaroo.

As I walked to Central Park, I naively thought that there wasn’t going to be that much of a wait to get into the venue. I thought wrong. There were tons of people waiting to get into SummerStage. After about 45 minutes of waiting. Security turned about a 100 people away from the venue. I almost got turned away! I used some tom foolery and trickery and prevailed with my press pass! Many fans, however, decided to stay and lay on the wood chips and grass outside the venus to listen singer Brittney Howard’s raw voice.

Alabama Shakes gave their fans a great show. The band sounded great and Brittney’s voice gave me chills. Her voice was just perfect. It felt like I put on their vinyl record in my living room and sipped on Blue Moon on a breezy summer day. The crowded sway from left to right and grooved with the music. Every song was on point – if not more. If you haven’t listened to Alabama Shakes, I strong encourage you to give it chance and you won’t be disappointed.

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