FOOD: Baohaus

Let it be known right here, right now: I have a raging crush on Baohaus‘ Eddie Huang. Straight up, I have fallen deeply in love. I follow him on Twitter, I religiously read his blog, I’ve actually Googled his name and read every article on him. At one point, my adoration was cute, but even I have to admit, it’s starting to get creepy.

My first Huang-related encounter occurred at Googa Mooga when I had a bite of his General Loko’s Fried Chicken Bao. Everyone who even remotely knows me is aware that the door to my heart is straight through my stomach, and with this, I fell helplessly in love at first bite. After doing a bit more research (stalking) I found out more about the man behind the food.  Here’s a guy who seems to be super real, and that realness goes straight into his products.  For me, this is what good food is all about – passionate and hardworking people who do it their way because it’s what they truly believe in.

Baohaus is located on East 14th Street, amongst a slew of tiny bustling eateries, but this one goes against the grain of all the others. There are a million and a half places on this stretch where you can get Asian food, but trust me: head for the one blasting B.O.B. or The Beatnuts. Any loud, offensive hip hop music, preferably with the dirtiest lyrics you can think of.  Whimsical bao/hip hop hybrid artwork adorns the walls along with childhood photos of the Huang brothers doing things like reading X-Men comics during church. The place is fun. Why shouldn’t it be?

The Birdhaus Bao ($2.99) is filled with delicious fried chicken and the Adobo Bao ($3.50) is stuffed with braised chicken and pork, both little tiny tasty pillows of meaty goodness. We also tried an Adobo Chicken rice bowl ($7.50) and taro fries ($3.50) both of which were bomb and I would totally get again.

Huang was not present at Baohaus during my visit, since was attending Bonnaroo (thank God, I would have gone all Bieber Fever fangirl crazy on him). However, he announced on his Twitter that they’ll be having his Hainan Lobster Rice on the menu near the end of this week and you know I’ll be there to scoop up some of that.  As Huang stated on his blog, “WHATCHU KNOW ABOUT MY HAINAN LOBSTER RICE FLOW?”

Eddie Huang, I love you. Call me, maybe?

238 East 14th Street
New York, NY