FASHION: Nanamica Spring/Summer 2012

First! Let’s start off with a brief Economy lesson.

$1.oo US = 79.51 Yen

$250.00 US = 20,000 Yen

Yup! We’re all substance at the CS. We give this legend to help you gauge some of the prices of this company born in Japan. Here’s a look at a few standout pieces from nanamica inc. for this summer.

As an avid follower of East Asian culture, that began with Japanese Manga and Korean Manhwa, I am especially excited to show these looks.

The H/S Pullover is really what took the cake for me this season. The amount of buttons alone redefines what we think of when someone mentions a shirt or pullover.

On top of reinventing looks, nanamica also reeled me in further with the use of COOLMAX clothing technology which allows breathability on top of preventing FADING, SHRINKING and WRINKLING! I must say that’s near perfect properties for summer material.

Peep some of the other pieces here. Now that I think about it, they go really well with those Sid Mashburn Loafers.