FASHION: Dave’s Quality Meats Pro Model Shoe Sale

This one’s for our NYC readers, and those who can make it to the city by Sunday evening. DQM has been satisfying my skater and summer wear needs since I discovered the SoHo shopping strip existed. Dave’s, a small boutique a few blocks off the Broadway strip, always had at least 1 item I’ve salivated over. I clearly remember those Vintage Varsity Nike Blazers or that DQM G-shock watch (sighs).

From today thru Sunday at 6, Dave’s is offering an instore 25% off sale on select shoe brands from Vans, Nike and Adidas to Lakai and HUF. I figure I’d put the post up ASAP, check it out, then throw a few pics of some of the kicks they got. I’m sure you’ll find 1 you like, but as with every sale we’ll have our fingers crossed on them having your size. The earlier the better!

Need Directions? Here you go!