EVENT: Sole Connections 1st Annual Fundraiser

The countdown over, TONIGHT is the launch of a cultural clash that is occuring in the name of good deeds.  What’s not surprising is this mix since it’s taking place in the melting pot, but what has caught us off-guard is the talent that has already committed to an initiative that is more or less still in its infancy.  That is not to say that they are taking baby steps because if anything they are doing the exact opposite by hosting an art exhibit, film screening, and artist showcase in the four hours that they will be on the Open Road rooftop at 350 Grand St.

There will be filmmakers, chefs, deejays, graff writers, musicians, and visual artists from far and wide showcasing their craft atop the unofficial capital of the world, New York City, to raise needed funds at an event called Sole Connections for one organization…Sneakers 4 Success.

Sneakers 4 Success is a non-profit group designed specifically “to inspire, empower, and motivate under represented youth towards academic success through sneaker culture.”  For better or for worse, materialism is one aspect of our culture that is consistently placed in the forefront of everything including sports, music, cinema, and more.  While young teens, adolescents, and young adults often buy different items that catch the attention of their respective age groups, the one tangible object that often unifies them all is the sneaker.
As a result of this reality, Sneakers 4 Success founder, Samuel de Pilar, has compiled a team that has actively begun to meet students where they are at both literally and figuratively. Sneakers 4 Success has left its mark in various schools, after school programs, and not for profit organizations in multiple states with footwear as the topic of discussion. Through this trending topic its members have been able to make a positive impact by turning things like marketing, writing, and engineering into topics that are both applicable and fun.

With a lineup that includes Nitty Scott, Claw Money, Pawl Nolbert, Mark Bode, and Dillon Cooper it is quite apparent that the individuals involved in the noble effort are knowledgeable of the different cultures they are slinging up on this roof.  When you have artists of this caliber right alongside the screening of a film by Hip-Hop luminary Bobbito Garcia and Kevin Couliau, “Doin’ It In The Park” one should have a very difficult time not attending.  Did I mention that this event is also sponsored by Vita Coco, Reebok, and The Couch Sessions?  This is shaping up to look like one of those evening week night events that could prove to be memorable for all of the right reasons.
Follow Sneakers 4 Success on twitter @sneakrs4success and you can also visit there website at www.sneakers4sucess.org