EVENT: NYC PrideFest 2012, From a Foodie Perspective

Just say the word “festival” and i’m immediately thinking “food.”  I’m pretty sure most people headed to New York City’s PrideFest with more than just a foodie mindset… but I am not most people.  I had always wanted to check out the Pride events regardless, so this past Sunday I headed over to PrideFest to see what it was all about!  Located on Hudson Street between 14th and Abingdon Square, PrideFest 2012 was only one of the many events going on celebrating LGBT Pride this past week.

Food vendors included your normal street food sellers like Mozzarepa and those stands that sell everything you can think of fried (chicken tenders, fries, calamari, onion rings, etc.), but we also had some more down-home style booths, such as Mighty Balls meatballs.

Tons of sponsors gave out free samples, big names such as Slurpee, Diet Coke, Vitamin Water, and Honest Tea, and all kept me happily quenched.  Barefoot Wine made an appearance as well.  My choice of meal included a pork kabob and a grilled plantain stuffed with mozzarella cheese (I swear I didn’t choose phallic foods on purpose, not even for the event, it just happened that way).

I really missed the appearance of the Big Gay Ice Cream Truck… where were you?   I could have really used a Salty Pimp.  Other goings-on at PrideFest included musical performances (I watched people get down to a rendition of “Sweet Dreams Are Made of These,” and was also tempted to join in myself), giveaways (I now have a ridiculous collection of Katy Perry temporary tattoos) and also adorable rainbow dogs.

All in all, it was beautifully colorful festival celebrating a beautifully colorful crowd.  Happy Pride, NYC!