DRINK: SmorgasBar

I already professed my love affair with Smorgasburg, but this story isn’t over yet.  Smorgasburg, the heavenly Willamsburg mecca of consumables, finally got its liquor license and recently unveiled SmorgasBar, which I got a chance to check out this past Saturday.  Located smack in the middle of Smorgasburg, SmorgasBar is an alcoholic oasis surrounded by a crazy amount of food.

The drinks menu will rotate, but currently features beer from local breweries such as Brooklyn Brewery, Kelso, and Sixpoint.  Wines this week were from Brooklyn Winery and Brooklyn Oenology, and spirits were favorites such as Breucklen Gin and Kings Country Moonshine.  Even the mixers are local, including an appearance by Brooklyn Soda Works (which also has its own stand at Smorgasburg if you want to drink the soda straight!).

All beers are $6, wine is $11, and cocktails are $12.  To me, the beer seems affordably priced, however, the wine and cocktail prices are pretty steep.  The Dorothy Parker Gin and Stand Watermelon Lemonade was really delicious and refreshing on the hot summer day, but I could have gone a little heavier on the gin, especially at that price.  The lines were surprisingly short and there was decent table space (we found ourselves a barrel to post up on) but… maybe we just started drinking too early?

The only other thing Smorgasburg’s organizers might want to tighten up is security.  SmorgasBar is located in a roped-off area where the ropes are so low you could easily walk over them without noticing.  I watched people walk right out of the drinking area with beers in hand.  I believe that anyone can enter SmorgasBar, but you need to go to ID-check and get a wristband to purchase a drink.

No complaints here about anything else – I’m looking forward to washing down my next serving of Egg’s braised bacon and cheddar hash browns (my new favorite Smorgasburg dish!) with a little day drinking.

Smorgasbar (located in Smorgasburg)
Open Sat 11 am – 6 pm
27 N 6th St
(between Wythe Ave & Kent Ave)
Brooklyn, NY