DOCUMENTARY: The Vice Guide to Karachi

Our good friends at Vice Magazine sent us a series of video documentaries uncovering the decrepit lifestyle of Pakistan’s largest city and economic capital – Karachi. Vice founder Suroosh Alvi revisits Pakistan to experience one of the craziest cities in the country, where hit-men conduct assassinations in broad daylight, kidnap victims are held hostage, and warring gangs battle to their deaths..

I’ve been following Vice’s video documentaries ever since their series on Libya and, similarly, I find Vice’s Karachi series’ just as entertaining and informative because it focuses on an aspect about Pakistan that is just as important but extremely overlooked.

We hear about violence in Pakistan when it comes to the seemingly never ending war against the Taliban and Al Qaeda.  But more than three times as many people are killed in Karachi than the number of people killed in American drone strikes in the tribal areas.

In the Vice Guide to Karachi, Vice joins the police on a sweep for suspected Taliban members, meets up with an active hit man who makes between $500-$1000 per murder, chats with Pakistani mob don who is wanted for kidnapping, extortion, drug trafficking and gambling dens, and investigates Pakistan’s opiate market.

Be sure to check out The Vice Guide to Karachi below!