DESIGN: Playing with Light

Piano Lamp, OneArtistStudio

While I typically prefer objects that are abstractions of the thing that inspires them, Swiss design company OneArtistStudio has managed to make the literal unique. The Piano Lamp is a sleek desktop lamp made of fine woods and metal boxes that enclose the wiring, transformer, and LED lighting componets.  In this design the black keys fall centered on the ‘white’ keys as opposed to between them, as they would on a real keyboard. This shift, which I must admit I almost didn’t notice at first, is what makes the design work aesthetically, where it recalls it’s inspiration, and efficiently where it solves the challenges of concealing the equipment. When closed, the lamp, as the name suggests, resembles piano keys. When opened it recalls some of the folding LED lamps you may have seen before, but the side by side configuration, rich materials, and playfull allusion to the ivories defenitely give it a fresh take.

Piano Lamp and Design Sketches, OneArtistStudio

The lamp is still in prototype form, so no pricing or distribution information is available yet. But when the playful illuminator hits the shelves OneArtistStudio has promised to give the Couch Sessions the heads up.