DESIGN: Fender X VW Beetle

VW Beetle, Fender Edition, Volkswagen

I’ve been a VW owner, until recently, since 1999 when the marketing gods at Volkswagen convinced me that I needed to own one with a Jetta commercial featuring the music of Charles Mingus. Once again they have my attention. Fender has been teaming up with Volkswagen for their sound systems on some models since 2011, and now they have taken their collaboration to another level.


Fender logo, Volkswagen

The exterior will feature fender logos, chrome retro wheels, chrome mirrors, and chrome trim. It comes equipped with a 400 watt, 10 channel system. No mention yet whether it will have a jack to plug your Strat into. The dash panel offers the biggest win in branding for Fender with the same classic three color sunburst we’ve see in their axes. I would have liked to see this detail carried more throughout.

Interior, Beetle Fender Edition, Volkswagen

Remember when VW offered a bike with their Jetta Trek Edition? Yeah, I was thinking the same thing, but maybe a $2,000 guitar may not be the most practical incentive for the car maker. At least a mini amp, or some picks?