LIVE: 1800 Tequila and Spin Magazine Essential Artists Visionaries Party, NYC


Wednesday night the Couch Sessions crew was invited to 1800 Tequila and Spin Magazine’s Essential Artists Visionaries Party and it was awesome. Upon being taken up several flights within the VIP elevator, we were greeted by beautiful smiles and refreshing mojitos while Nick Catchdubs played dope records in the background. This was a well, put together event which filled up fairly quickly with tastemakers and other members of New York’s in-crowd.

Though the featured artists and their limited edition bottles were the reason for the party, most people seemed to be more interested in the bar as they mobbed the bartenders. When the room was packed to the gills, the gatekeepers of California’s forever summer, The Wavves, went on and tore the roof off. They brought their energy and grunge to NY and played familiar hits and covers of Punk classics. It was definitely a neat surprise. After the Wavves finished their aural assault on the audience, Flosstradamus finished off the night and the party kept going until everyone was kicked out. I thought Spin and 1800 did a great job of not only highlighting 1800’s tequila, but also the artists who each have their own flavor. Check out some more pictures provided by the very talented Diana Levine and we’ll see you at the next event.