VIDEO: Mattic – Crimes Of The Mind (Featuring Artists Of The Beautiful)

by Gregorio Vincent

Having quietly mastered the art of molecular magic, free electron and MC Mattic’s music is contained within a realm throughout which gravitate many collaborations and timescales. A lush expanse of horizons embedded with a poetic and fluid commentary on life, love, music and travels both physical and inward. The US born, France based artist beautifully melds neo soul with hip hop against varying artistic backdrops. Check out Mattic’s “Crimes of the Mind” and learn more about the Phonosaurus Records artist here.

  • Maura

    I have a new group for you to check out that I know you’ll love!  TRAVIS PORTER has an album coming out called “From Day 1″ on the 29th of May, and you can now pre-order it on iTunes:  ! 


  • Rob

    Stunning video , and amazing artists, I just read you’re another post about Astrid Engberg which appears in this video too. wow. what a voice!

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