VIDEO: Daughters – Nas

There’s something special about a father-daughter relationship. Especially when dad has lived the life of a knucklehead – doing knucklehead things with his homeboys, and having his fair share of women come and go.

And as daddy raises a daughter who grows up every time he blinks, all the more daddy worries about his little-not-so-little-one being exposed to the life he knows or knew.

Nas provides us with a beautiful visual of every father’s internal conflict when raising a daughter.  Should a dad protect his daughter from life’s ills? Or should he let her experience the pains by letting her screw up herself. In my humble opinion, learning the hard way perhaps is the best way. But it’s even better when you have a caring, supportive, and street-smart father to guide you along the way.

In Nas’s new Daughter video – shot P.O.V style – we are put in his daughter Destiny’s shoes.  We see a father help us take our first steps. We see Nas leave us to go on tour. And as we grow up we see ourselves doing things that some people may consider…dumb.  Like getting a tattoo when you’re too young, hooking up with a boy who just got out of jail. Smoking blunts, and drinking 40s in a moving car.

But through it all…Nas has been there for Destiny. Whatever I may think of Nas – bad business man, not the best live performer, dude getting played by Kelis on the alimony tip – I can’t say he’s a terrible father.  And as this video portrays, he’s an open-minded and understanding at that.

When Nas comes with jams like these that paints vivid pictures of everyday realities, I see a glimpse of the illmatic Nas. And I’m definitely not mad at that picture.