STAFF PICKS: What If The Couch Sessions Curated A Music Festival?

Looking for a way to get everyone’s attention on the music scene in 2012?  All you have to do is use one word, “Festival”.  I could go on and on about what’s wrong with the year of the Festival, but the some of the gang here at The Couch Sessions decided to join in on the fun. So since “Festival” is the trending topic, we figured we’d talk about what lineup we would have grace The Couch Sessions holographic Festival stage.  Festival’s the new black…and so is our couch, so let’s waste no more time and show you our Fantasy Festival team.

John Richards, Writer, Social Studies Column

Sade – Besides the fact that I love this woman and she can do no wrong, Sade has remained relevant for almost 30 years just off the strength of her music; no reality shows or any other drama, just a classic catalog and a excellent stage show. A Sade show is an event, something you cannot miss.

Jamiroquai – This is purely selfish selection because I’ve never seen him in concert and why should all the European festivals have all the fun? I know I’m not the only one who wore out their Traveling Without Moving CD…but I’m probably the only one who tried to re-enact the “Virtual Insanity” video on an escalator.

Janelle Monae – The illegitimate daughter of James Brown and Tina Turner has an eclectic catalog and a killer stage show. It doesn’t matter if she’s playing small clubs like the Black Cat or the 9:30 Club (WDC) or in front of 10,000 people at Merriweather Post (Columbia, MD) she’s going to blow you away and dance a hole in the stage.

Chris, Writer

Daft Punk – I’m thinking one perfect act for a “holographic” Festival stage would be Daft Punk.  Their futuristic electronic sounds (Tron soundtrack anyone?) and funky spacesuit-looking outfits would be perfect for such a Couch Sessions endeavor.

Thievery Corporation – I’d probably select Thievery Corporation as my second choice.  Firstly, seeing guitar/sitar player Rob Myers perched on a platform in holographic form would blow my mind. Also, Thievery uses a lot of performers in their live performances so seeing a lot of holographic figures on stage would be visually stunning.

Public Enemy – Seeing a lot of figures on stage reminds me to select an “old school” pick, with Public Enemy.  Seeing all of those S1W guards and performers would also be pretty impressive.  A holographic performance would probably be the only way to get Terminator X back with the group as well.

Kari Elam, Writer, London, UK

The Gorillaz – The transition was present and definitive within each artist’s style. The Gorillaz are heavy hologram artists, they play off the character and animation – to see that live is an extension of their signature style, and sound: cyber-grime, a bit of acoustic 2.0, or something to that effect. Madonna is, well Madonna, she is a human robot – thus, half hologram and half fleshed out Pop Monarch. De La Soul, is, well, De La Soul: all IRL.

DJ Run P, Music Editor

Electric Wire Hustle – There are a lot of soulful groups outside of the country but few have been able to captivate the crowd at a live show this like this trio.  After inundating The Couch Sessions with some high quality Kiwi-Soul at SXSW to kickoff festival season, Electric Wire Hustle is past due for a repeat performance.

G-Side – Straight out of Huntsville Alabama, this duo has been consistently chipping away at the eardrums of people all around via Trill Hip-Hop with a dash of Southern fried Soul.  If you’re looking to really set the mood, St 2 Lettaz and Yung Clova are clutch.

Diplo – Few artists are able to traverse this musical stratosphere effortlessly, but Diplo is one of those people who will always find a way to make a way and get the job done with flying colors.  Never not injecting life into the party, Diplo would be a wonderfully energetic change of pace for a Couch Sessions Music Festival.

Winston “Stone” Ford, Owner and CEO

Kimbra – If you got a chance to see Kimbra at this year’s SXSW Music Festival, then you know that she’s hands down one of the best live performers in the game right now. The 21 year old Australian simply blows my mind with her amazing voice, use of loop pedals and sheer stage swag.

George Clinton and Parliament Funkadelcic  – After seeing Hall and Oates tear down the stage this month, I’m truly convinced that every concert can benefit from having an old school performer. I’ve seen George Clinton about a dozen times it seems and he always brings it 100% and plays for hours non-stop. Some of these young kids should take notes.

Calvin Harris – I’ve been a fan of the Scottish music maker Calvin Harris back in 2007 with his quirky single, “Acceptable In The 80s.” Since then, the dude has been making moves with his electro house sound, with the track “Feels So Close” charting on Billboard and his set becoming one of the surprise hits of Coachella this year.

Opening DJ: Just Blaze – When I saw Just Blaze in Toronto last year, the dude went from old school hip-hop, to electro, then back to hip-hop without breaking a sweat. He is hands down the most versatile DJ on the planet right now and a perfect compliment to the variety of music styles featured here.