REVIEW: Dan Solo – Club Insomnio

Dan Solo- photo courtesy of (Mix Le Fun Records)

If you’re looking to check out some great dance music with a variety of sounds, this guy Dan Solo is on the rise.  Solo hails from Guadalajara, Mexico and his debut LP “Club Insomnio” dropped last October.  We are a little late to the party on a review, but his music is worth a further look.

From what I heard on his Soundcloud page, there is a consistent funk and disco groove throughout his music as well as an 80’s synth sound which seems to be a requirement in popular dance music these days.  Listen to “Last Goodbye” and the closer “Escorpion” as perfect examples of that vintage 80’s sound.  He also produces some tremendous work on the piano to go along nicely with all of the other electronic sounds he produces.

I really liked “Tambourine” which has a great 70’s funk and disco feel to it but maintains that electronic dance feel as well.  Definitely reminiscent of Parliament Funkadelic.  The title track “Club Insomnio” has an awesomely fast dance beat which makes me agree with the track’s title since I would become an insomniac if this song were playing in a club I was at.  There are some pinball machine-like rapid fire electronic sounds on this one too which would make the machine tilt in exhaustion.

If you’re looking for something more on the chill side, Solo accomplishes this sound nicely as well.  Firstly, there is”Nocturnal” which adds some funky guitar to a slower beat but then flows perfectly into the aforementioned title track.  The darker “AU” accomplishes a similar downtempo feel, but is a bit darker and has a harder beat than “Nocturnal.”  Finally, the flowing “L’Amour” has some sexy lyrics and spoken dialogue from a female French speaker.  Unfortunately, my four years of high school French only could recognize something about going to the beach.  That is fine by me.  It sounds like a great venue for listening to this music!

Dan Solo appears on Mix Le Fun Records and you can download Club Insomnio on iTunes and Amazon now.