PHOTO INTERVIEW: Breakfast with…Tarji Irby

Breakfast with Tarji Irby (Master Barber & shop owner)

Barbershops/Hair salons(can’t leave out my female readers..wait? I got female readers I hope?) are known staples to every community worldwide. Why you ask? Because regardless of where you are ,we all need a good cut..No matter the race or sex…

So I move to Washington,DC. What’s the first thing you have to do after finding a job, place to live etc..? Get a barber/hairdresser! It’s only right cause your dome piece is the first thing anybody see ( i.e. job interview, get it…). I’m going to this shop and another cat used to cut my hair, but I would hear this other cat (Tarji) dropping gems(wisdom..however you address it too). So one day I end up in Tarji’s chair, he’s dropping gems as usual. He finishes the cut and I do the normal and go to the mirror to check it and STUCK!

Fast forward  10+ yrs later  and still stuck off the dope cut and the gems he drops. We decided to meet up for this Breakfast With at BusboysDC –5th & K location, to discuss life, kids, new business ventures, marriage …you know the normal we do here. Soooo grab that bottle of water..ahhh..and enjoi the photo interview.

With 15+yrs experience his aesthetic is “Stay on your grind, you have to stack boxes and crates to stand on before you reach that ripe fruit.”

You know you got a dope cut too when you get a compliment from the opposite sex and they ask where’d you get your cut? Then one day you walk in the shop and you see them sitting in the yeah I got female friends that get their hair cut by barbers..

Here’s one of those gems I talked about too..” Inspire and allow yourself to be inspired. And always put your soul into your labor.” 

And yeah don’t take my word on the cut go for yourself and get the experience…

“its fascinating to me how a conversation with someone can influence our day – Good or Bad”