NEW MUSIC: Mister Lies

For the past few months, we’ve been blessed with an array of young producers who find influences from established genres like Pop or R&B to create provocative and experimental masterpieces that transcends far beyond what we’ve heard in the past. We’ve raved over artist like Lapalux and XXYYXX, but the most recent person to have caught our eyes is Mister Lies.

The 19-year-old Chicagoan producer has been actively releasing music, creating  music videos, to continue appeasing the eyes, ears, and attention spans of all those who eager.  Lies’ latest video, depicts the awe of cosmic space with bright colors and glitchy stars that are as stunning as the song itself.  What makes one gravitate towards Mister Lies is that he creates these unique harmonious sounds for each song giving them their own individual feel.

False Astronomy, which samples Joni Mitchell’s This Flight Tonight, combines this full-bodied atmospheric sound with melodious vocals and soft percussions. Cleam on the other hand, explores the progressive potential of the beat and blends that effortlessly with deep compelling vocals accompanied by a smooth bassline. For those who are starting to get into this electronic/experimental movement, this downtempo artist will help develop your love and appreciation for this growing genre.

Check out his EP, Hidden Neighbors, on Bandcamp, and be on the lookout for his collaborative project with Different Sleep, Mass, due to release May 8 via Absent Fever


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