NEW MUSIC: Jessie Ware – What You Won’t Do For Love (produced by Sampha)

by Winston "Stone" Ford

As you know, we’ve been huge fans of Jessie Ware and Sampha for a while now. You may of heard of them through their work with SBTRKT. However Jessie is launching her solo project soon, while Sampha hopefully will be doing the same thing shortly. Their remake of Bobby Caldwell’s “What You Won’t Do For Love” is an excellent lo-fi take on the classic. Check it.

The original:

YouTube Preview Image
  • Omgmichie

    original is still 100x better

  • Matt Hope

    why re create things in an inferior context? its been done, well … lets just try and collect whats good in the world instead of trying out achieve ourselves. The age of triumph is over, lets appreciate it.

    and… wow Caldwell has a pony tail AND he’s white: amazeballs 

    • Stone

      I gotta disagree. Artists do covers all the time and these re-interpretations of classic tunes are a way to better appreciate their chops/production skills. 

      I don’t think Jessie’s version is BETTER than the original but it’s a dope take on a classic track. She’s got a ton of original material so I don’t think she’s trying to one up Caldwell.

      And yes, MANY people don’t know that Caldwell is white. His label did a good job of disguising him and he only did tours in Europe and Japan. Crazy!

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