NEW MUSIC: Childish Gambino – F*ck Your Blog

by Winston "Stone" Ford

Childish Gambino is already getting heat from the “bloggers” for this track and it hasn’t even been out for a few hours. I’m sorry, but I take Gambino’s side on this. The whole blog culture has gotten out of hand. Blogs have become an echo chamber for PR people and labels. Bloggers don’t even listen to a song before they post it. And don’t get me started on wack ass commenters. This song could be come the “Death of Autotune” for the Internet generation, but most people will unfortunately forget this song by the end of the day. Sigh.

  • drejones

    Nice. Looking forward to the finished version. 

  • Ian

    Are there really bloggers upset at this record?? First off, who cares? If you’re catching feelings, maybe it’s ‘cos you feel like he’s talking about you! Second, I couldn’t really understand what the hell he was saying in the first half of the song anyway.