MIXTAPE: Fly Moon Royalty – Dimensions

The Seattle based,Electro-Soul duo Fly Moon Royalty, have just released their new EP Dimensions. Fly Moon Royalty prides itself on the deeper meaning behind their music and song titles, and this EP is no different. The title, Dimensions, stands for and conveys multiple messages for the duo for Seattle. “‘Dimensions‘ speaks on two things,” explains Fly Moon Royalty. “First, the various different places, directions, and depth we can go with our music. And the second thing is time, as in, our sound can cross different time periods.”

The music on Dimensions reflects that ability to cross different times periods directly, as, according to Fly Moon Royalty, a number of the tracks actually pull from different eras of the group’s musical journey. Check out Fly Moon Royalty’s Dimensions below and you can download it for free here.