GET TO KNOW…: Nakia Henry

Sometimes you meet people and it is a one time thing. You don’t really think too much about it or put any thought into it. If you are a person like me who meets different artists all of the time, you grab hold of those experiences and cherish them. Why? Because you more than likely may or may not run into that artist whom you admire ever again. This was not the case when I met Nakia Henry. I just got home from the grocery store and was playing her music on iTunes for a friend of mine. He steps out into the hallway, comes back inside with a look on his face.

Kyle:  “What’s the name of the girl you are playing right now?”

Me:  “Nakia Henry”

Kyle: “She’s in your hallway.”

I don’t remember if I dropped my bags of groceries or what. All I know is, I rush the door of my apartment, open it, and there she was. Nakia Henry. The woman who sang the song “Transition” which completely changed my life. So I stood in awe and she looks at me and says “Hi..I’m Nakia..what’s your name?” She laughs when I tell her my name is Nekeya and from that day, we’ve been tight ever since.


Nakia is an amazing woman. Hailing from Detroit, her decision to move to NYC and start a new beginning for herself and her passion is no different than most of us. She’s always wanted to live here. She attended Fordham University as a Theatre major where she graduated in 2005. She’s an amazing actress, dancer, and now, singer. Her album, Remember Me, is a testament to her creativity and her transparency. She discusses everything from relationships, to life transformation, to sex. Her very present nature and comfortability with herself is part of the reason why she’s a gem to be around. The crass humor, curse word using, yet gentle, sweet, and loving personality of Nakia is a draw to her fans and close friends.


I’m excited for Nakia. I think she’s a woman who will continue to create beauty in the form of art. Her music and dancing reflect exactly who she is. Nakia Henry is definitely someone you should get to know.

Special thanks to Corey Thompson of Photoleer Photography for the dope photos during our interview. Make sure you check him out.