FASHION: ????? x Mishka 2012 Lookbook

This would make anyone from The Bay homesick! These locations in San Francisco and Oakland have me drooling to spend at least  a summer on the west.

Following up on a strong Spring 2012 season, the folks at ????? strike again with a summer collection. By imploring some of the faces of San Francisco and Oakland’s rap community (Main Attrakionz, Chippy Nonstop, Antwon, Bad Slorp and Friendzone), some folks at ????? and Photographer Chris Brennan stomped through the streets of the Bay Area and came out with amazing pics for their summer lookbook.

The clothes just accentuates the great time they had shooting this. Check out their blog for more pics. Fans of the brand can see the classic Death Adder and Eyeball graphics/patches as they get introduced to newer ones like Bang The Machine, Maui Wowie and Scavenger Hunt.

Once again..Bay Area STAND UP!! Thank You for introducing us to these cats on top of providing an amazing backdrop for this summer lookbook. Start your summer off RIGHT CHEAA!