So I’ve been on a personal Kanye binge for the last three days. It started when I began catching up on the behind the scene footage of his “Watch The Throne” tour recorded by I saw the first one a while back but never followed up, luckily youtube has it all. Anyway, it was the creative jump start that I needed this weekend (I’d been in a slump for a while). His style inspired me. Seriously, it’s not every day that you come across someone who truly and consistently pays attention to every detail of their life like Ye.


Β Kanye’s wrist in his Coachella ’11 performance of “Power” stole the show and set the stage for me. I’m an accessory junkie if Β you couldn’t tell by my posts. I posted a pic of his wrists at the top. The braided pieces are by Burkman Bros and the Golds are Love bracelets by Cartier. I also think a few of them are by his boy Jasper. Jasper and Diamond Supply linked up earlier this year for a sneaker collabo that was pretty interesting. It seems like the whole crew is making a splash in the fashion game.

Make sure you peep game, bare wrists are real lame.