Don’t have a pair of frames? You’re missing out. Period. Summer is right around the corner and there is no easier way to add some character to your look then a fresh pair of Specs.

Thankfully Garrett Leight California Optical has you covered. GLCO was created in 2010 and is fueled by a group of young, passionate purveyors of eyewear.  They just released a new style called the Westminster and the simplicity is too cool.

If you’re a specification junky check this out:

GLCO plastic frames are produced from custom made cellulose acetate, handmade at the famous Mazzuchelli factory in Italy or sourced from vintage acetate made in Japan. The hinges, check this, are custom made in Germany at the one and only Comotec Hinge Manufacturer and have at least a 5-barrel hinge that is plated with one side gold and the other side silver.

Check out their webshop for more.