FASHION: Cool Throwback Gap Commercial

I remember crushing on Shannyn Sossamon super heavy back in the day. And coming across this Gap commercial from 2006 just reaffirms my sentiments.  Women who love all kinds of music is key. Women who love funk music and can spin records is absolutely “for the win”.

Gap and other commercial apparel brands must realize, more so than they already do, that there is a clear connection between music, design, and marketing — which ultimately leads to sales.

I would love to see more commercials like this on prime time TV. And how dope is it to see Triple Threat DJ Shortkut shredding records…in a Gap commercial!?

As my brother and Rocksmith Marketing guru Panama Johnson (aka Mr. Get It Done) loves to say – ‘whoaa baby’!

And on the topic of brands utilizing music as a sub-pitch to its consumers, here’s the original track The Gap used for this commercial.