FASHION: 2012 Brooklyn Circus Summer Collection (Teaser)

Check this ill piece on the upcoming 2012 BKc Summer Collection!

Named “Behind The Seam, The BKc Satin Series”, in it you see photos on the process in which it takes to make the Maroon Satin Varsity Jacket. I’m thinking Tuxedos next?

As I looked through and noticed the portrayal of craftsmanship and the metallic look of the Satin, I thought..blacksmith. A blacksmith takes his/her work seriously and focuses on the final product not worrying about the amount of time it takes to get it right and I know the folks at BKc create with that same intensity.

The 2012 BKc Summer Collection is set to launch next Saturday on the 26th at the Brooklyn Circus NYC and the following week for the fam on the West, June 2nd.

Feel free to browse the site a little do some shopping, you might even see a familiar face.