FASHION: 10.Deep x John Joseph Collaboration


During 10.Deep’s barrage of Spring photoshoots, they crossed paths with John “Bloodclot” Joseph of New York’s legendary, first-wave hardcore band The Cro-Mags.  John represents a not-too distant but very different era of New York City’s street subculture, and is one of many of our understated influences.  He hung out with the 10.Deep crew and spent some time talking about New York’s bad old days, the early punk/hardcore scene, and the importance of maintaining individuality today.  Check out the interview, some vintage Cro-Mags footage and John Johnson sporting some of 10.Deep’s Spring ’12 pieces here.


To commemorate the occasion, 10.Deep created a tee as an homage to The Cro-Mags’ iconic album, THE AGE OF QUARREL.  It will be available in very limited quantities at their webshop on Thursday, May 10th at Noon (EST).