DESIGN: The IKEA PS Collection

We all have a love hate relationship with IKEA, but you can’t deny that they make some of the best furniture designs accessible for the common man. So until I can afford BoConcept, IKEA is still the way to go.

Earlier this month IKEA dropped its PS Collection for 2012. IKEA PS, the internal design house for the brand, ususally refreshes its collection every three years or so, and I have to say this might be one of the more bolder ones I have seen. Liberal uses of color and design stand out.

My three favorite pieces form the collection include:

TV Stand, which has a rather interesting “goo” designin front.

The couch which is based off of old school tubular design, making it light and easy to move.

The chair. Honestly, the jury is out on whether it’s comfortable to sit in, but it would look good chillin’ in a corner regardless.

The IKEA PS 2012 collection drops in the UK/Europe this month and should be in The States by August.