DESIGN: Sleep Pods

Sleepbox by Arch Group, 2009

Miles to go before you sleep? If in between those miles you can spare a little while to rest or just get away from everything around your busy world, Sleepbox offers a solution. We’ve seen the sleep pods at Capsule Inn in Tokyo, and more recently the compact and automated rooms in New York City’s Yotel. But the Russian design firm Arch Group has combined the best of these concepts.


For some busy professionals, myself included, when deadlines approach or a swanky event calls during the week, sleep is hard to come by. Wouldn’t it be nice to see a few of these at Penn Station NYC instead of the countless empty seats in the waiting area, our airports, or right down the street from the office?

Sleepbox By Arch Group, 2009

Sleepbox pods could be equipped with climate and lighting controls, retractable privacy screens, television, a small work station and of course a place to lay your head between travel or appointments. Although the concept was unveiled in 2009 we have yet to see them or something like it here in New York. Until then, if you see me laid out in Union Square Park, don’t talk to me or give me change, I probably have a meeting I have to rest up for in the next hour.