CANNES Preview: Michael Gondry’s The We and the I

You may know Michael Gondry for his quirky videos such as Lucas’ “Lucas With the Lid Off” or The White Stripes’ “Hardest Button to Button,” or even feature films like The Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless mind or the Green Hornet francise. Truth be told, the French director is known to take on quirky and interesting subjects, yet his latest film, The We And I seems to be a bit out of left field, at least for this director.

The film takes place entirely on a New York City Bus in the Bronx and follows the path of several teens on their last day of school. From the trailer which dropped this week it seems that the films is shot in a gritty in your face style (paired with the fact that many of the kids aren’t actors) make it seem more like a documentary than a feature.

So far so good, but honestly this has been done before, most notably with Larry Clark’s woefully overrated Kids back in 1995. The jury is still out on this film by most critics but I’m tempted to give it a shot.