ART: Artist Spotlight -Fafi

What can you say about Fafi except she’s a great inspiration to female artists (graffiti, classical, or otherwise) everywhere. While I genuinely stalk her work on social media as she lets her fans know about her next works of art, she may seem to be a woman of few words. In fact, however, she’s more of a lady painting walls SUPER bright with plenty color … and Fafinettes, of course!

As we prepare for the launching of her comic, The Carmine Vault– that I’ve been following the development of for years now. Fafi has collaborated with Adidas, MAC, MOB and Swatch just to name a few. But allow me to share some of my FAVORITE Fafi art moments.

Fafi x Adidas

Fafi x MAC

Fafi x MOB

Fafi x Swatch

If you don’t know her, you should probably look her up! I PROMISE you won’t be an ounce of sorry. While you can simply google ‘Fafi” … here are some of her connecting deets!

 Fafi: Website | Blog


‘Til the next time I have something interesting to share …

Remember to paint everyday bright!

~je t’adore! <3 IKB