TV: Obama Slow-Jams the News with Jimmy Fallon and The Roots

Earlier this week, President Obama went on the Jimmy Fallon show to publicly, and hilariously request that Congress not raise the interest rates on Stafford student loans this summer.  Despite the rising gas prices, the improving but-yet down economy, and the public disapproval of the war in Afghanistan, President Obama still manages to ooze resilient charisma with his forthright and melodic request to Congress. How can Capitol Hill deny the president now!?

And did you see the President drop the mic like Randy Watson in the end? Butter…

And now contrast this to President Obama’s Republican opponent this November – Mitt Romney. As non-partisan as I’m trying to be, Mitt Romney, in the converse is the epitome of awkward interaction.  His cringe-inducing conversations with everyday folk must worry the boardroom GOP strategists plotting Obama’s demise.  I mean, how are you going to attend a picnic in small town Pennsylvania and tell your hosts that the locally baked cookies look and taste as if they were made at 7-Eleven?!? Smells more like entitlement or a political amateur to me.