Let me get this out of the way: I hated Two Days In Paris, the 2007 Julie Delpy-directed picture starring herself and Adam Goldberg. The story of an American couple going to Paris to rekindle their relationship came off like watching a couple fight on the subway. It’s exciting at first, but then it draws on two long to the point of being downright annoying.

Adam Goldberg ruined that film for me, playing a neurotic, jealous, and straight up douchebag of a boyfriend. Thank goodness he won’t be in the upcoming sequel, Two Days In New York. But her next love interest really piqued my interest…Chris Rock?

I’ve been a fan of Rock’s standup, but rather skeptical of his acting chops. However early reviews have Rock as the standout actor in the film. The film has Rock and Delpy as a couple in New York dealing with her French family’s resistance to her interracial relationship. Honestly, I tend to shy away from these Woody Allen-esque comedies, but given the subject matter, I’m pretty interested to see how diversity is interjected into an otherwise upper class and homogeneous landscape.

For those of us in New York, the film is screening this weekend as part of the Tribeca Film Festival. Schedule and showtimes below (Rush Tickets only):

Thu 4/26 9:30PM BMCC Tribeca PAC
Fri 4/27 9:00PM AMC Loews Village 7 – 1
Sat 4/2812:00PM AMC Loews Village 7 – 1