SCREEN: Marley Documentary to Release on 4/20

On Wednesday April 11th The Knitting factory screened the documentary Marley before it’s release to the public on Facebook and theaters, on the day that made most sense for it’s release, April 20th.  For two and a half hours I stood in the back of the crowded performance space, and sore legs were all I paid to see the film.

Directed by Kevin McDonald (Last King of Scotland), the film includes clips of footage many Bob Marley fans will recognize that have been re-mastered and pieced together in order to tell the stories that will give the viewer a fresh and more personal peek into the legend’s life. New to me were the stories of how The Wailers overcame their stage freight in a cemetery, and the meaning behind the Corner Stone lyrics, which was written shortly after a failed attempt to speak with his father.


The picture takes you not only through Bob’s history, but the history of Jamaica, reggae itself, the impact he made on the globe, on politics, and his dream of bringing mankind together through music. I witnessed a part of his legacy in the diversity of the audience that night, and in the emotional journey they seemed to have experienced watching this film, myself included.

The film will be available for download on Facebook for $6.99 as well as limited theatrical release. Part of the proceeds will go to Save the Children.