INTERVIEW: Post “Hip-Hop POV” Questions with Wiz Khalifa

You never know where The Couch Sessions will pop up, but we were granted the opportunity to slide through to MTV Studios for its new show, “Hip-Hop POV”, hosted by Amanda Seales, Bu Thiam, Charlamagne Tha God, Devi Dev, and Sowmya Krishnamurthy . While there we were able to catch up briefly with the Taylor Gang chieftain himself, Wiz Khalifa.

You’ve been doing a whole lot of different things from the live performances to the music videos to the music. How do you prioritize all of these different things on your agenda?

Everything is number 1. That’s how I go man…you know, just put everything at the top of the list. Start there.

Recently you’ve worked pretty extensively with Snoop. There have been a lot of different collabos from everybody, but no one’s really been working with a pioneer like him. How did he change your perspective?

He just showed me how real the game is you know? How you can do everything that you want to do on your own. That’s how you start and that’s how you finish. The way to do it is to stay hands on and to put your own money into it and your own feeling. That’s how you get the best result.

Wiz’ activity as of late has been quite interesting since the successful release  of his debut album, Rolling Papers. Despite leaving spectators and fans alike somewhat ambivalent, his profile has continued to soar as a result of his noteworthy collaborations on an intimate, professional, and musical level. From his acquisition of Juicy J, to his exploration of the silver screen, it has become quite evident for doubters that Wiz has got more than 15 minutes in him and he’s gunning for a whole lot more.  Make sure to check out his new single, “Work Hard Play Hard,” (Prod. Stargate) for his upcoming album O.N.I.F.C. This one’s definitely going to ignite that memorable moment wherever you are.

Make sure to check out MTV’s “Hip-Hop POV” airing weekly on Wednesdays at midnight ET.