MUSIC: Solumun – Love Recycled 2 (ft. Curtis Mayfield)

Whether you’re getting ready for work, starting your day off at work, leaving work, cleaning your crib, or doing something that involves mental or physical labor, please play this track. And play it loud! Love Recycled 2 by German producer Solomun is sure to keep you bouncing. Released in March 2011 by label 2DIY4, this track includes deep sticky bass lines and housey notes, accompanied by Curtis Mayfield’s far-reaching falsetto voice singing of mountains, longing, and social and emotional constraints. Enjoy!

The world is trying to make us
Go against our will
There’s too many mountains
Grown up from a hill
Just take nothing less
Than the second best
Do not obey
What most people say
‘Cause you can pass the test
All I want to do is love you
Baby, we’ve got to move on up
We’ve got to move on up

All I want to do is love you
I just want to take you there