LIVE: J*DaVeY, Le Poisson Rouge, NYC

It is a well known fact that if you attend a J*DaVeY show, you are pretty much guaranteed the most satisfying sexual experience you can have without physically engaging.  They are mesmerizing. Le Poisson Rouge, as a venue, does not make this temptation easy to ignore. The lights alone put you in a zone that invite such an encounter. There are never any disappointments when this duo come alive on stage. This combustion of raw energy is what eager fans enjoyed on March 28th in NYC.

Performing some of their crowd favorites such as “Queen of Wonderland”, “Raincheck”, “Get Together”, J*DaVeY created a new level of what it means to be dope. With their special guest, baby Keane, fans were able to see a new side of the lead singer. She was magnetic, full of spice, and seduction overflowing. New fans were borne on this night. Old fans were rejuvenated. The experience itself was such a high that it overflowed throughout the entire West Village. That was a good night to be a music fan in NYC.