LIVE: Bad Brains & GZA at The Howard Theatre

Photos : Corey Thompson/Photoleer

DC Punk legends Bad Brains performed Friday and Saturday at the Howard Theater with Wu-Tang Clan’s GZA.  The GZA melodic flow just wasn’t enough to totally captivate the crowd, but after the altercation with a fan/heckler that almost got a Wu ass whupping, GZA seemed to gain some steam.  But by that time he’s set was almost over.  Now, don’t think just because the Howard Theater is all shiny and new, that Bad Brains didn’t serve up some hardcore.  Bad Brains frontman H.R. (Human Rights) breezed through reggae tinged songs like “I Luv I Jah” and “I+I Survive –which might have been performed twice, no one is really sure.  Then the audience got what it really wanted, to thrash.  Bad Brains made sure that their punk side slammed with songs “Pay to Cum” and the classic “Banned in DC”, while the mayhem ensued H.R. reclined on the drum riser and watched it all unfold.  Which is basically what Bad Brains stands for the calm within the storm.