NEW MUSIC: HashFinger – April EP

Cover art for HashFinger's latest release this month

As I tell anyone who will listen, I love David Holmes’ music and pretty much anything electronic that invokes cinematic imagery.  I found a guy whose work reminds me of Mr. Holmes’ and he goes by “HashFinger.”  I posted about him in January at  Hailing from West Yorkshire, England, HashFinger is on the Sinoptic label which is home to a lot of great British hip hop artists and rappers.

Since at least last July, he has released an EP every month for free which you can check out on his Bandcamp page.  This month, he is releasing a 12 track EP for only 2 GBP (about $3.10) which is also on his Bandcamp site.  The four preview tracks are similar to the wonderful sounds on his previous works, but he is always evolving and improving.  He loves using a lot of old film dialogue in his music and accompanies them with samples from old motion picture soundtracks.  You’ll also hear a lot of great trip hop beats on top of all of these other great sounds.

The comparison to Holmes is really what does it for me.  He does an amazing job producing a soundtrack feel to almost all of his tracks.  I also like a lot of driving beats with almost any kind of retro sounds if done well.  Hash definitely does it well and often!  With HashFinger you’ll also get some great chill music that has a lounge feel to it so there is really something for everyone in his work.

Please make sure you check out this EP and support a very talented emerging artist!